Disrupting poverty in South Dallas through green career training and community education.

Communities thriving through connection to green enrgy resources and education while top energy companies recruit from a well-trained workforce.

In everything we do, we will conduct ourselves with humility, quality, perseverance, connection, and honor.

Areas of Impact

  • Community education
  • Workforce training and development
    • Certifications
    • Soft skills training
  • Career readiness
    • On-the-job training
    • Job placement
    • Employer partnerships

Green Careers Dallas is a non-profit organization that provides solar installation training to residents of South Dallas. We aim to empower and energize the people of South Dallas by creating innovative economic opportunities in underserved neighborhoods.

The training we provide connects individuals to valuable and relevant career opportunities within the growing green economy. We envision a time when all South Dallas residents will have access to living wages through solar energy workforce development, fostering a sustainable and thriving community.

Help us recharge South Dallas

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